Don’t plan less than two weeks. Better if it can be 3 weeks.

This includes at least 2 to 3 days in Buenos Aires.

If planning 3 weeks you might want to include a fast trip to Iguazú Falls.

Best time of the year is November through March. January and February are high season.

Whale watching season is June through September but best if you can make it during July or August.
Penguins and sea lions can be seen from November through March.

Patagonia is huge so you will have to fly there from Buenos Aires.
Try to focus your visit on clusters so as not to spend time traveling long distances.

 If you plan to cross to Chile, depending on your nationality, you might have to pay for a Visa or reciprocity tax ,specially if you come from USA, Australia or Canada.

Bring Dollar or Euro bills since it might be much cheaper to pay some things in cash rather that credit card.

Car rental is not cheap but still it might be much cheaper to visit certain places rather that hiring a tour.

But, if you don’t speak Spanish don’t plan long distances by car,
English is not widely spoken outside main touristic towns.

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